What is Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)?


I want to introduce you to a therapy called ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy using the Lymph Drainage XP2 inert gas ionization instrument. The Lymph Drainage XP2 is a therapeutic treatment device with a unique combination of energetic modalities. Using energy medicine in the form of light waves, sound harmonics and inert gas ionization to painlessly break down congestion through out the body.


Although relatively unknown, this therapy has been in practice in the U.S. for more than 20 years now.  This therapy is like a full body tissue detox, a highly effective, non-invasive treatment.


ELT™ Electro-Lymphatic Therapy uses this ionic energy medicine created in two transmission heads or glass tubes directly on the skin, to break up the congestion within the terrain or tissues of the body to effectively remove thick, stagnant lymph that is holding onto metabolic and toxic waste and causes inflammation. 


What makes this so different from manual lymphatic drainage is that ELT™ utilizes a very subtle, yet powerful, ionic energy field that is delivered 6 to 8 inches (15cm) into the body. This allows us to break up the congestion deeper within the tissues and achieve results at a faster rate.


This therapy removes inflammation, easing the pressure in the tissues rather than masking it or blocking the body's responses to the inflammation. And in the case of auto immune disorders, it takes a hyperactive immune system and calms it down, allowing the body to self-heal.


How it works is it attacks large protein particles and the sticky fluid that clogs the system, breaking it down to a water-like fluid. As lymphatic fluid is broken down to become thinner in nature, it is moved along the lymphatic vessels and out of the body by way of being delivered to the vascular system just above the heart. The body then eliminates the waste through respective detox organs like the liver, kidneys and skin. 


ELT™ is the most efficient way to detox, cleanse, and purify the lymphatic system. It frees up the immune system to do the job it is meant to do of removing waste that has been bogging down the body and restoring health.

Why use Lymphatic Drainage as an important modality


  • Your lymphocytes (white blood cells) are what fight infections in your body and they reside in the lymph nodes. If your lymphatic system is congested, your whole immune system will be compromised.

  • The only way cancer cells leave the body is through the lymphatic system. Decongesting the lymphatic system assists the body in doing what it was designed to do, keep you cancer free.

  • Lymphatic Therapy encourages lymphatic "fluidity” resulting in detoxification of body which assists in eliminating the build-up of toxins.

  • Lymphatic Therapy stimulates the immune system and helps to prevent post-surgical infections.

  • 80% of all overweight people have sluggish lymphatic systems, according to new research.

  • Lymphatic Therapy improves skin regeneration, and accelerated wound healing with fewer complications.

The Lymphatic System:


Unlike your cardiovascular system which has a pump (heart) to circulate the blood through your body, your lymphatic system relies on the many factors to circulate the lymph fluid (lymphatic loads such as protein, water, cellular components and particles, and fat) throughout your body. The lymphatic system represents an accessory route by which lymph fluid can flow from the tissue spaces into the bloodstream. En route to the Venus circulation, lymph travels through successive lymph nodes, thereby filtering the impurities from the lymph fluid.


The cardiovascular system is closely associated with the lymphatic system. The commonalities between the two systems include: superficial, deep and organ systems, similar vessel structure, leukocytes (both systems contain monocytes and lymphocytes), blood plasma (the lymphatic system returns percolated or filtered blood plasma to the bloodstream), serum proteins (lower concentrations in the lymphatic system), common pathways to the heart, and protection of the body from infection and disease.


The main two differences between the two systems include: the lymphatic system in not a closed circulatory system. It is therefore more appropriate to speak of lymph transport rather than lymph circulation, there is no central pump in the lymphatic system, and the lymph transport is interrupted by lymph nodes.


The lymphatic system is divided into the superficial and deep layers and is separated by the fascia (connecting the skin to the underlying tissue). The superficial (suprafascial) layer is responsible for the drainage of skin and subcutaneous tissue, whereas the deep (subfascial) lymphatic system drains the lymph from muscle tissue, tendon sheaths, nervous tissues, periosteum, and joint structures (some distal joints on the extremities drain via the superficial layer). The transport vessels of the superficial system are embedded in the subcutaneous fatty tissue: deep transport vessels generally accompany blood vessels and are grouped together with them in the same membranes. Perforating vessels connect the deep with the superficial system. The lymphatic system of the internal organs represents a subcategory of the deep system.


So we can conclude that your lymphatic system is actually a vital circulatory system with an extensive network of vessels throughout the body. Your body contains about 50% more lymphatic fluid than blood and your lymphatic system contains over 600 collection sites called lymph nodes. These nodes are formed at the junction sites of the lymph vessel network. Your lymphatic system is responsible for supplying plasma rich protein to your blood as well as carrying away toxins and other debris.

Because the lymphatic system has no pumping mechanism to keep the fluid circulating through the body, it is always at a higher risk for blockage. Blockages can occur from normal life stressors such as; illnesses, tight fitting clothing including ties, bras ( especially underwire bras), jockey shorts and pantyhose, lack of exercise, bumps, bruises and other injuries, exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, food allergies or sensitivities, and surgery.


An Impaired lymphatic system often results in colds, flu and sinus problems, edema and excess water retention, heart disease, fibrocystic and tender breasts, cellulite, enlarged prostate and even cancer. The good news is that lymphatic health can be restored even in cases of severe impairment using our Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy utilizing IGII or in our case the Lymph Drainage XP™ family of instruments.

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