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Multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology (or Multi-polar RF to save your breath) is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that blasts away stretch marks, cellulite and other deeply rooted skin issues without the need for anaesthetic. ... Also known as body contouring, this powerful treatment uses heat to penetrate fat.





The results of this study suggest that the multipolar RF and PEMF device can provide satisfactory results for treating photoaged skin. This combined technology is different from the use of radiofrequency alone, as it delivers RF energy with the simultaneously addition of pulsed electromagnetic field. The synchronized treatment allows the delivery of more energy to the treated area, achieving higher temperature with minimal risk and pain, maintaining the epidermis intact, and leading to less side effects and shorter recovery periods, when compared to RF alone [1, 2].


The present study shows that all patients described the treatment as comfortable, with almost no pain and no undesirable side effects. They were also able to observe visible changes on their skin appearance and reported to be satisfied with the treatment outcomes. Volume 2017 |Article ID 4146391 | 5 pages |

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